What Does “You Are Not My Personal Type” Mean?

What Does “You Are Not My Personal Type” Mean?

March 31, 2023

Guys are simple once they speak. They don’t real hook up apply usually play the role of cryptic or chat “around” a topic. They’re all company and logic, so if they are certainly not sleeping, these are typically most likely simply advising it adore it is actually. You should not try to look for some subtext amongst the traces since there most likely isn’t.

If he states you are not their type but he’s still curious, take it at par value. The guy most likely is attempting to say that he is usually not keen on severe, brainy ladies, but there’s just one thing about yourself that intrigues him.

If he is just interested in sex, he probably will not point out you are not his type, as that will work against their online game. He’ll either lay on the charm and outdated familiar traces, or he will claim that you two should get with each other for some enjoyable someday.

He will state you’re “hot” as opposed to letting you know you are very. He’ll eyeball you up-and-down like a frozen dessert sundae, and then he’ll move in close-in an aggressive in place of sensitive way. You’re a lady, therefore make use of your intuition. You know what he’s actually contemplating, one of the ways or even the various other.